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Zakat is a compulsory act of worship that requires Muslims, at or above a certain wealth threshold, to donate a portion of that wealth, typically 2.5%, to those who are eligible. This threshold is called the Nisab (sometimes also spelled niṣāb). How much is the Nisab threshold THE SIZE OF THE NISAB 2020 Paying Zakyat is one of the pillars of Islam. Zakyat is paid at a rate of 2.5 percent of a person's condition exceeding the size of a nisab. Nisab, equal to the cost of 84.8 grams of gold - this is the minimum amount of state from which it is necessary to pay Zakyat Die Entrichtung der Zakat wird einmal im Mondjahr, also alle 354 Tage fällig. Zakatpflicht besteht ab dem Zeitpunkt der Überschreitung des Nisab-Wertes. Bevorzugt spenden Muslime ihre Zakat im Ramadan. Wichtig: Zakat ist unabhängig von der Zakat-ul-Fitr


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  1. Visit the post for more. Tahun: Nisab Emas (RM) Harga Emas (RM) / gram. 2021. 20,299.00. 238.81. 2020. 15,762.0
  2. Tagesaktuellen Nisab wissen • Zakatrechner • Zakat muss gezahlt werden, wenn das Vermögen die Nisab überschreitet ☞ Berechnen Sie jetzt einfach Ihr Zakat
  3. زکوٰۃ کا نصاب حکومت کی طرف سے 46،329 روپے مقرر کیا ہے۔ یکم رمضان المبارک کو تمام سیونگ بنک اکاؤنٹس، پرافٹ اینڈ.
  4. Zakat Rechner: So hoch ist die Zakāt 2020 | Euro Gramm Gold ☪ 爐 حلال Mit dem Zakat-Rechner einfach die Zakat berechnen. Alle Muslime, die über ein bestimmtes Vermögen verfügen, müssen Zakat entrichten. Das Leiste der Zakat ist eine der fünf Säulen des Islam - deswegen kommt ihr eine hohe Bedeutung zu. Mit diesem Rechner kann.
  5. imum amount that a Muslim must have before being obliged to zakat. The Nisab was set by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at a rate equivalent to: 87.48 grams of gold and 612.36 grams of silver

Step 1: Find out the Nisab value (minimum value required for Zakat) by visiting www.zakat.sg or from Berita Harian / Berita Minggu.: Step 2: Open your bank account book and only look at your savings balance throughout the year. It does not matter if you deposit or withdraw money throughout the year, because Zakat on Savings is based on the balance and not on the deposits or withdrawals made To be liable for zakat, one's wealth must amount to more than a threshold figure, termed the nisab. To determine the nisab, the are two measures: either gold or silver. Gold: The nisab by the gold standard is 3 ounces of gold (87.48 grammes) or its cash equivalent. This is approximately $4,780.06 for gold on 08 March 2021, but will vary with the market value of gold. Silver: The nisab. Zakat.SG is Singapore's official Zakat collection and information platform. All contributions to this platform are administered by Muis and distributed to 8 asnaf especially to the poor and needy as required in the Quran. More than 14,000 beneficiaries received assistance through your Zakat every month. Play your part for the Muslim community in Singapore Usually, the government of Pakistan announces the Nisab for each year before Ramadan. Zakat Calculator 2020 Zakat Nisab is generally set according to the cash value of 3 ounces (87.48 grams) of gold or 21 ounces (612.36 grams) of silver

The Zakat nisab value is the minimum threshold required for an individual to be eligible to pay Zakat in that specific lunar year. Your total overall wealth must meet or exceed the nisab value in order for you to be eligible to pay Zakat. What is the Nisab value? The most up to date nisab for gold and silver can be found at the top of the page. The nisab value is directly related to the. Who is Eligible for Zakat? What is Nisab? Nisab 2020 Watch Full Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEf7N3_xIxA--Grab your copies of The Sincere Seek..

The State Bank of Pakistan on Monday set the 'nisab for Zakat' at Rs46,329 for the current year, a statement read. SBP/ Handout via The News No deduction of Zakat at source shall be made [...] in case the amount standing to the credit of an account is less than Rs46,329 on the first day of Ramzan ul Mubarak, 1141 AH, read the statement Every Muslim, sane adult, in possession of the nisab (the minimum amount of wealth that one must have before zakat is payable) for one whole year is liable to pay the zakat. See the current monetary nisab value above Items from which wealth can be derived include: cattle, crops, gold, silver, and merchandise for business

Der Nisab liegt bei 85 g Gold. Am 23.03.2020 war dies ein Gegenwert von 3.819,74 €. Da der Goldpreis schwankt, muss dieser tagesaktuell nachgeschlagen werden. Die Zakat muss entrichtet werden auf Vermögen und Eigentum (wie z.B. ein Fahrzeug oder eine Wohnung), das nicht zur allgemeinen Lebensführung verwendet wird. Falls Schulden vorhanden. APP Published April 21, 2020 The Nisab was fixed at Rs44,415 in the previous year As of May 2020, gold nisab value is approximately $4747 and silver nisab value is approximately $331. The gap between the two thresholds is wide, so although traditionally Silver Nisab was preferred, Gold is now also adopted . How to calculate Zakat? 1. Your net wealth. What you own at the end of a 12-month lunar year minus what you owe or need to pay at the time of your zakat payment - a. Nisab of Zakat al Maal has reviewed and changed to MVR6961.50 by ministry from 09th December 2020. Previously, since 09th December 2020 to 08th December 2020 the Nisab was set as MVR 4950.40. In Maldives, Nisab is calculated using the price of Silver in the market. Moreover the price of Silver is announced by the central Bank of Maldives, MMA.

An individual who owns number of animals less than the above nisab is not obliged to pay Zakat. Also, the nisab of each animals is not be mixed with another. For example, having twenty cows and thirty goats would be considered below the nisab as it does not reach the threshold of 30-cows and 40-goats. Niṣāb for Agricultural Products. There is consensus among Muslim Jurists that Zakat is. SBP sets Zakat nisab at Rs46,329 for 2020. — Geo.tv/Files — Geo.tv/Files The government on Monday set the ' nisab for Zakat' at Rs46,329 for the current year, a statement from the State Bank. Our simple Zakat calculator will allow you to work out your Zakat payment for 2020. Your donation will help us to save lives. Home / Resources / Zakat Calculator; Current Nisab value (02 March 2020 / 07 Rajab 1441): Nisab = R5,901.74. Using value of silver R9.64/g (R299.77/oz) Using value of gold R918.35/g (R28,563.93/oz) Assets & Liabilities. Gold and Silver. Value of Gold & Silver you. Dieser NISAB beträgt 85 g Gold, aktuell (am 07.07.2020) beträgt der Goldpreis 50,62 Euro/g, das entspricht einen NISAB von 4.302,7 € ! Wir empfehlen, vorher den Goldpreis auf Gold.de zu überprüfen und den NISAB, dann ggbf. anzupassen. Zekat Rechner:-Ohne Gewähr, Bei Fragen zu Ihrer Zekat wenden Sie sich bitte an einem Gelehrten Ihres Vertrauens-Mehr Information zur ZEKAT: Die ZEKAT.

Nisab for Zakat for the Zakat year 1441/2020 It should be noted that a few days before the arrival of Ramadan every year, the zakat is fixed by the State Bank. Zakat is deducted, then the amount is deposited in the Central Bait-ul-Maal, but certain accounts are exempt from this deduction Zakat Calculator 2020. Zakat Nisab is generally set according to the cash value of 3 ounces (87.48 grams) of gold or 21 ounces (612.36 grams) of silver. Zakat on Gold. Zakat should be calculated at 2.5% of the market value as on the date of valuation (Lunar date). Zakat on Precious and Semi-Precious Stones . If you have purchased the precious stone for a commercial purpose, only then the. Nisab Value (as of 09/04/2020): If all of your wealth is in Gold, the value of the Gold you own must be at or above the Gold Nisab, to be eligible to pay Zakat. If your wealth is a mixture of Gold and/or Silver and cash, it is ideal to use the Silver Nisab threshold. Shares and Property Trading . If you possess Shares for the purposes of trading. Then you must include the value of the. Current Nisab value (02 March 2020 / 07 Rajab 1441): Nisab = R5,901.74 Using value of silver R9.64/g (R299.77/oz) Using value of gold R918.35/g (R28,563.93/oz

The Grand Mufti of the republic announced that the Zakat Nisab for the Hijri year 1142 will be set at 14364 TND. An amount of 2.5% must be paid out on every saved money that reaches this quorum or more after the turn of the year (which is the lunar year) There are two measures for determining the nisab value for Zakat - either based on gold or silver. These values state that nisab is equal to three ounces of gold (87.48 grams) or its cash equivalent, or 21 ounces of silver (612.36 grams) or its cash equivalent According to Sharia Law, Nisab is the minimum amount a person possesses for over a year in order to be obliged to pay Zakah. You can calculate nisab in terms of either Gold or Silver value. For Silver, the standard nisab is 21 ounces of silver (612.36 grams) or its equivalent in cash Bil Tahun Jumlah; 1: 2021: RM 20,920.00: 2: 2020 (Julai - Disember) RM 18,510.72: 3: 2020 (Jan - Jun) RM 16,690: 4: 2019 (Julai - Disember) RM 13,950: 5: 2019 (Jan - Jun Zakat Rozgar Scheme 2020 Sahib-e-Nisab Punjab Fund January 4, 2018 Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif with Provincial minister for Zakat and Ushar Malik Nadeem Kamran announced Sahib e Nisab Zakat Rozgar Scheme in Punjab. According to this scheme government of Punjab will be distribute 63 Auto rickshaws to the poor people of Punjab cities

The government set the ' nisab for Zakat' at Rs46,329 for the current year on Monday, a statement from the State Bank of Pakistan read. No deduction of Zakat at source shall be made, in case the amount standing to the credit of an account is less than Rs46,329 on the first day of Ramzan ul Mubarak, 1141 AH, SBP stated Tunaikan kewajipan zakat anda selewat-lewatnya 31 Disember 2020 untuk dapatkan REBAT CUKAI PENDAPATAN bagi tahun semasa. Segerakan Zakat Anda, Raih Pahala Berganda Yang Akan Berakhir Nisab 2021 : RM20,299.0 2. Nisab Zakat Mal Sumber Gambar: Islam and Life. Nisab adalah batas terendah yang telah ditetapkan syara' untuk menentukan kewajiban mengeluarkan zakat. Penting bagi umat muslim untuk mengetahui nisab zakat maal. Nisab zakat mal adalah setara dengan 85 gram emas. Jika harga emas saat akan dilakukan pembayaran zakat adalah Rp 700.000 per gram. People, who have balance lower than the minimum one (Nisab) or those who have submitted the Zakat exemption affidavit or those people and corporations who are maintaining current accounts, are not liable to pay Zakat on their bank accounts. This year, the Nisab is higher by Rs1,914 from Rs44,415 announced for last Ramazan, which fell in May 2019

The Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division issued a notification on 21 st April 2020 regarding Nisab of Zakat for 2020. The authority claimed that the Nisab has been set at PKR 46,329 for the year 2020. The authority claimed that the 2.5 % zakat will be deducted from those Saving Accounts carrying more than PKR 46,329 balance. State Bank of Pakistan has issued a notification that the. Zakat calculator Enter all assets that have been in your possession over a lunar year in the text boxes below: Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Google Plus Share. Share on LinkedIn Share. Send email Mail. Select currency. Nisab (updated 09 April 2020): Value of Gold. Value of Silver. Cash. In hand and in bank accounts. Deposited for some future purpose, e.g. Hajj.

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The nisab is the minimum value of wealth one must possess in order to pay Zakat. It is defined as the value of 87.5g of pure gold or 625g silver. Most scholars favour the lower value as it means that more people can pay Zakat and therefore there are more beneficiaries The price of Gold on 26th March 2020 in Mumbai was Rs. 4217 per gram while the price of Silver was Rs. 41.81 per gram. Accordingly, Nisab level is established at Rs. 3,68,900/-for Gold and Rs. 25602/-for Silver. (Reference: www.goodreturns.in). Please check the applicable Nisab level on your Zakat Due Date. Completion of the Lunar Year: Haw Nisab, which is equal to 3 ounces of gold, is the minimum amount of wealth one must have before they are liable to pay zakat. *The nisab amount listed is based on the latest available report for March 2020 (note: This number may change daily depending on fluctuations in the gold exchange rate) For every £1 of Zakat you gave through NZF in 2020, 91p was given to Muslims in need. 9p was spent on getting your Zakat directly and effectively to those people in need. No Zakat is used for running the organisation or for raising funds. Bring Zakat to life where you live . Give now Calculate. Zakat Calculator . Calculator Free Consultations Today's Nisab Zakat Guides Knowledge Bank Ask a. October 5, 2020. The Essential Zakat Guide. This gallery contains 7 images. Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam and an important obligation on all adult Muslims who possess the value of Nisab. Despite its importance, many of us struggle to calculate Zakat and have trouble understanding all the factors that make up this act of blessed worship. That's why we've created this easy-to-follow.

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Zakat al-Mal (commonly called zakat) is due when a person's wealth reaches the nisab amount and can be paid anytime during the year. Zakat al-Fitr is paid by the head of the household for each member of the family, before Eid al-Fitr prayer. Zakat al-Fitr is about the price of one meal—estimated at $10 in 2020 The term Nisab is defined as the threshold amount that a Muslim's wealth should total to make them eligible to pay Zakat. There are two values used to calculate the Nisab threshold - gold and silver at the value of 612.36 grams of silver and 87.48 grams of gold. The monetary value is calculated on the current price of gold and silver when working out your Zakat contribution

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  1. Although many Muslims choose to give their Zakat during the Month of Ramadan, the Month of Ramadan is not the set time and required condition of giving Zakat, it is based on the beginning of the Hawl and first Nisab. As for Zakat Al-Fitr it will be set to MINIMUM at $12 per person for this year 1441H -2020
  2. 21 May 2020. The Charity of the Poor. Quran and Hadith, Zakat. 1 May 2020. Keep on spending on others, I will keep on spending on you. Fasting. 28 Apr 2020. Best time to hasten the Fast - As soon as the Sun Sets. Quran and Hadith, Zakat. 19 Apr 2020. Zakat has no share of rich and healthy people. Quote From Prophet (PBUH) Narrated by Jarir bin 'Abdullah: I gave the pledge of allegiance.
  3. Once Nisab is reached and a person stays above the Nisab an entire lunar year without going below it they become liable to pay on that specific date (Hijri date). For example, if someone goes over the Nisab on the 20 th of Ramadan and they stay above it the entire year they are liable to pay Zakat on the next 20th of Ramadan or before it
  4. imum amount of wealth required to make a person liable to pay Zakat. The nisab (or

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  1. imum amount of wealth one must have before they are liable to pay zakat. *As of Apr 26, 2020, nisab is estimated to be $5173.3 Zakat is liable on gold, silver, cash, savings, investments, rent income, business merchandise and profits, shares, securities, and bonds
  2. ed, which are: Gold - the monetary value of 87.48 grams of gold; Silver - the monetary value of 612.36 grams of silver ; Because the valuation of gold and silver fluctuates so, too, does the Nisab threshold.
  3. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has announced that the federal government has set the 'Nisab for Zakat' at Rs 46,329. According to a notification, No deduction of Zakat at source shall be made in case the amount standing to the credit of an account is less than Rs46,329 on the first day of Ramzan ul Mubarak
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What is Zakat in Religion Islam, Nisab of Zakat, The word zakat means to purify, zakat al mal means zakat on wealth. It is the fourth pillar of Islam. Zakat is the religious obligation of the Muslims who's wealth surpasses the nisab. Nisab is the minimum amount of wealth above a person becomes obligatory to pay zakat. The amount of zakat is 2.5% on total wealth above the nisab Die Corona-Krise nimmt eine entscheidende Umstellung des muslimischen Lebens vor. Mit der Schließung der Moscheen, haben Moscheegemeinden ihre Angebote digitalisiert - online Predigten, Video-Diskussionen, Internet-Seminare, Zakat-Rechner uvm. So werden Vorträge, Unterrichte und spirituelle Beratungen online angeboten oder fortgeführt

Die Zakat fällt an, sobald Ihr Erspartes den Nisab-Wert während eines gesamten Mondjahres übersteigt. Sie betrifft folglich jede Person muslimischen Glaubens, die über ein Vermögen verfügt, das dem Wert von 85 Gramm Gold entspricht, somit derzeit etwa 4400 SFR Keterangan. Zakat penghasilan adalah zakat yang dikeluarkan setiap menerima gaji/penghasilan, termasuk THR (Tunjangan Hari Raya) dan bonus.. Nishab adalah batas harga wajib zakat, yaitu senilai 85 gram emas. Jika jumlah harta penghasilan lebih dari jumlah nishab maka diwajibkan untuk membayar zakat penghasilan, sedangkan jika jumlah harta penghasilan kurang dari jumlah nishab maka tidak. Berechnen Sie Ihre Zakat schnell und einfach! Die Zakat ist eine persönliche Verpflichtung. Zwei Größen zur Berechnung sollten Sie kennen: den Nisab und die Vermögenswerte, die zakatpflichtig sind. Einen Überblick bietet unsere Checkliste Local applicants' net wealth must be below the Gold Nisab (threshold) to be eligible for Zakat (c.£3800 as of May 2020). Overseas distribution will be based on the Silver Nisab [c.£245 as of May 2020). 3. Poverty in the context of Zakat is ascertained by the following: The following asset values must be considered in the application form: a. An applicant's gold and silver assets, b. cash.

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The idea to float an entity that would revive the most neglected pillar of Islam informed the birth of Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation, otherwise known as ZSF in the year 2000. ZSF is a non-governmental and non-profit organization incorporated in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC 21237 in 2002). Our primary objective is to deliver quality Zakat assessment, collection and. Most scholars are of the opinion that zakat should be paid on all gold and silver jewellery, whether it is worn or not, and even if it is owned by a man (who isn't permitted to wear gold jewellery). Property (Other Than Home) R. Any property other than your home must be considered for zakat. If you are in the business of buying and then selling properties when they appreciate in value, then. Jika menyamai atau melebihi nisab, maka wajib zakat. Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Fatwa Negeri Selangor 2017 menyatakan, harta yang berasaskan nisab emas (emas bukan perhiasan + emas yg lebih uruf bagi perhiasan) + simpanan + pelaburan. Jika menyamai atau melebihi nisab, maka nilai harta tersebut wajib dikenakan zakat sebanyak 2.5%. Berikut adalah kadar nisab terkini yang dirujuk melalui laman web.

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Find out more about the current Nisab value, the significance of giving Zakat and how we use your donations. 0800 111 898 info@islamic-relief.org.z I have learned that nisab is the amount of wealth that one has kept for one lunar year. What do you do if you never have that? Is one then exempt from paying zakat? Answer: assalamu alaykum. In order for zakat to be obligatory upon an individual, he must possess a minimal zakatable amount (nisab) at the beginning and at the end of his zakat.

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The amount of Nisab is calculated by you finding out if you have the value of the following: if the silver you have is 52 1/2 Tolas (634 grams), or as in the case of gold, 7 1/2 Tolas (87.48 grams), then you are eligible to pay Zakat. Thus, the Nisab for cash would be calculated in accordance to whether that cash amount is above the value of 634grams of silver or 87.48grams of gold. (If you. Gjeldende Nisab-verdi (per 09.04.2020): Bruker verdi av sølv (612,36 gram) - omtrent Kr 3220,66. Bruker verdi av gull (87,48 gram) - omtrent Kr 50257,3 Your zakat payment period for the year will start on the date when your wealth first equalled or exceeded the nisab. After this, zakat must be calculated and paid once each lunar year has passed, and it will then fall every year thereafter on that date. If you are not able to remember this date, then you should make an estimate. If this is not possible, you should select a specific Islamic.

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Nisab (updated 09 April 2020): Value of Gold. Value of Silver. Cash. In hand and in bank accounts (Current accounts) Deposited for some future purpose, e.g. Hajj. Given out in loans. Business investments, shares, saving certificates, pensions funded by money in one's possession. Trade Goods. Value of stock. Liabilities. Borrowed money, goods bought on credit. Wages due to employees. Taxes. Calculate Zakat on cash, savings, shares, gold, silver and property. Current Nisab Value (as of 09/04/2020): Using value of silver (612.36 grams) - approximately SGD 434 Using value of gold (87.48 grams) - approximately SGD 6,756 Assets & Liabilities. Gold and Silver. Value of Gold & Silver you possess . Money. Cash at Home & Bank Accounts. Other Savings. Investment & Share Values.

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Graana Blog Posted On July 14, 2020 . 2. 160 Views. 3. Post Views: 160. Zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam, is a religious obligation for all those Muslims who possess a set amount of wealth and assets for a specific period. If a Muslim fulfills fixed financial criteria, the nisab, he or she has to pay a specific sum of money to the needy and underprivileged people, according to the. Update (April 21, 2020): The federal government has announced the Nisab of Zakat for 2020. As per the statement released by the State Bank of Pakistan, the Nisab for the current year has been set at PKR 46,329. That essentially means people who have more than this amount present in their savings account will have their Zakat deducted at a rate of 2.5 percent. Share. RS. RS spends most of her. For minerals (l), the Zakat is 20 per cent on the commercial value of elements explored during last one lunar year, irrespective of the holding period and Nisab Nisab is the minimum amount of wealth required to make a person liable to pay Zakat. The nisab (or minimum amount) of gold and golden currency is 20 mithqal, this is approximately 85 grams of pure gold. One mithqal is approximately 4.25 grams. The nisab of silver and silver currency is 200 dirhams, which is approximately 595 grams of pure silver. The nisab of other kinds of money and currency.

ZAKAT 14-04-2020, 17:19. Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp. Email. Allgemeine Information über Zakat: Was ist Zakat? Wann wird Zakat gespendet? Wie berechne ich Zakat? Wer erhält Zakat? Was ist Nisab? Ist mein Vermögen zakatpflichtig? Jetzt Zakat Online berechnen und Spenden Die dritte Säule des Islam ist Zakat. Jeder Muslim ist dazu verpflichtet seine Zakat zu verrichten. Die Pro-Waisen e.V. The nisab is determined by the current value of gold or silver. While we encourage everyone to use the silver nisab value because it is the safest opinion and increases charity for those in need, it is ultimately up to the Zakat giver to determine which value they prefer to use. Our nisab values are updated daily making our calculator one of. Nisab For Zakat deduction on banks accounts was fixed at _____ by the SBP for 2020: Nisab For Zakat deduction on banks accounts was fixed at _____ by the SBP for 2020: A. Rs44,415 B. Rs46,329 C. Rs49,750 D. None of these. Submitted by: Farjan Ahmed Soomro. People maintaining a minimum of Rs46,329 balance in savings, profit and loss sharing or similar bank accounts in Pakistan on the first day. ISLAMABAD: State Bank of Pakistan has announced that the federal government has set the 'Nisab for Zakat' at Rs 46,329. According to a notification, No deduction of Zakat at source shall be made in case the amount standing to the credit of an account is less than Rs46,329 on the first day of Ramzan ul Mubarak Zakat is a duty on each adult Muslim, of sound mind, if their wealth exceeds the value of Nisab. To be eligible for Zakat payment you have to be Muslim, above the age of puberty and possess the amount of nisab. If all of the above apply, you have to pay 2.5% Zakat on all of your savings and other applicable assets. When you donate your Zakat with Global one, you can be sure that your donations.

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Zakat ist, ebenso wie die fünf Gebete, das Fasten im Ramadan oder die Pilgerreise, mit einem genauen Zeitpunkt verbunden. Dies ist, wenn unser Vermögen den Nisab nach Ablauf eines Mondjahres überschritten hat. Das Datum variiert daher von Person zu Person, abhängig von den Ein- und Ausgaben des Vermögens, sowie Schwankungen des Nisab The nisab is the minimum value of wealth one must possess in order to pay Zakat. It is defined as the value of 87.5g of pure gold or 625g silver. Most scholars favour the lower value (Silver) as it means that more people can pay Zakat and therefore there are more beneficiaries Zakat - How to calculate and give to charity during Ramadan. For all Muslims, Zakat is a mandatory process and is regarded as a form of worship. So, HNC has created a Zakat calculator to help you work out your Nisab Zakat payment.. HNCO state that Zakat must be paid by Muslim adults who have net assets exceeding the Nisab Aussagen im Koran. Die Zakāt als Läuterungsgabe hat ihren Ursprung im Koran.Bereits in Sure 92, einer der ältesten Suren des Korans, wird dem Unseligen, der im Höllenfeuer brennt, der Gottesfürchtige gegenübergestellt, der von ihm verschont wird, weil er sein Vermögen hergibt, um sich dadurch zu läutern (allaḏī yuʾtī mālahū yatazakkā, Sure 92:18)

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