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Impact Factor 2019: 8.168 Editor in chief History Free Access for ESC Professional Members ESC Professional Members benefit from free online access to Cardiovascular Research Cardiovascular Research is the international journal of the European Society of Cardiology for basic and translational research, spanning all topics within cardiology and cardiovascular biology. The journal aims to enhance insight into cardiovascular disease mechanisms and the prospects for innovation. The journal welcomes submission of papers both at the molecular, sub-cellular, cellular, organ, and organism level, and of clinical proof-of-concept and translational studies. Manuscripts are. Browse the full list of Spotlight Issues published by Cardiovascular Research, many of which are available for free. Each issue is devoted to a specific research topic and contains a number of invited expert reviews alongside original research papers, covering a range of topics from myocardial proteases, to the genetics of arrhythmias, to the effects of sodium on the heart Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance: journal: 2.934 Q1: 86: 79: 309: 2870: 1580: 304: 5.81: 36.33: 17: American Heart Journal: journal: 2.902 Q1: 182: 199: 765: 5938: 2764: 648: 4.33: 29.84: 18: Heart Rhythm: journal: 2.883 Q1: 125: 332: 1132: 8781: 4306: 803: 5.86: 26.45: 19: Circulation. Cardiovascular imaging: journal: 2.807 Q1: 91: 231: 605: 2597: 1960: 366: 4.75: 11.24: 20: Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions: journal: 2.737 Q Despite the fact that the journal impact factor (IF) varied between 23.425 for Eur Heart J and 15.211 for Circ Res with the other 2 journals in between, the median citation of their articles plus reviews (IF Median) was 10 for all 4 journals

Announcement of the latest impact factors from the Journal Citation Reports. Researchers consider a number of factors in deciding where to publish their research, such as journal reputation, readership and community, speed of publication, and citations. See how we share a whole range of information to help the research community decide which. 11.981 (2019) Impact factor 7.434 (2019) Five year impact factor 8 days Submission to first decision 124 days Submission to acceptance 203,477 (2020) Download The aggregate impact factor of Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems is equal to the sum of the 128 numerators of all JIFs of all journals of the category divided by the sum of their 128 denominators. In 2017, there were 167 206 citations to 38 387 citable items, leading to an aggregate impact factor 4.356. From these 38 387 papers, the most frequently cited 383 papers belong to the 1 percentile (highly cited papers). One might even refine further by defining hot papers as belonging to the top 0.

Impact Factor: 2019: 20.589 The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two preceding years The Journal of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Research (JCCR) is an independent scholarly peer-reviewed open access journal which designed for publish scientific research in cardiovascular disease specialists and internists with a subspecialty in cardiology throughout the world. JCCR is an independent, scientific, peer-reviewed journal that focus on the practical, clinical approach to the diagnosis and treatment of Cardiovascular disease and novel studies in Cardiology The journal publishes original and review articles from all areas of basic, translational, and clinical cardiovascular disease. According to the Journal Citation Reports , the impact factor was 8.169 in 2019, ranking the journal 12th out of 138 journals in the 'Cardiac & Cardiovascular systems' category The impact factor (IF) of an academic journal is a measure reflecting the average number of citations to recent articles published in the journal. It is frequently used as a proxy for the relative importance of a journal within its field, with journals with higher impact factors deemed to be more important than those with lower ones. The impact factor was devised by Eugene Garfield, the founder of the Institute for Scientific Information. Impact factors are calculated yearly for those.

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Cardiology and Cardiovascular Research (CCR) is an peer-reviewed scientific journal which creates an platform to share the information among the scientists and researchers. This journal focuses on the topics include heart diseases, cardiovascular medicine, echocardiography, cardiac electrophysiology, Neuro cardiology, etc. Original articles across the whole scope and up-to-date review papers. Circulation Research 2017 Impact Factor: 15.211 Impact factor of Circulation Research since 1976, the first year when Impact Factors were calculated (1976-2018 Journal Citation Reports®). For more on the 2017 Impact Factor, please see the following editorial [link] from Dr Roberto Bolli, Editor-in-Chief of Circulation Research 2019 Journal Impact Factors: Journal: 2019 Journal Impact Factor: Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience: 4.362: Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience: 2.512: Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology: 3.644: Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine: 3.915: Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology: 5.201: Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology: 4.12 Dort finden Sie alle Impact Faktoren ab 1997 und weitere Key Indicators wie Immediacy Index, Eigenfactor und 5 Year Impact Factor. Der Impact Faktor des New England Journal of Medicine ist in 2018 unter die Werte der beiden Vorjahre gesunken The 12 AHA Scientific Journals are the leading voice in clinically impactful, peer-reviewed research. World-renowned for research that commands influence and respect while serving science and society, the 12 AHA Journals advance the rate of innovation in their respective fields and the application of the latest science into clinical practice

The 2017 impact factor of Circulation Research has increased to 15.211—another new record for the journal and a significant advance versus the 2016 value of 13.965. As I noted last year, 1 this jump in impact factor is remarkable because it has occurred despite increasing competition caused by the unabated proliferation of journals; despite the fact that Circulation Research is a specialty. 2.284 (2019) Impact factor 2.469 (2019) Five year impact factor 45 days Submission to first decision 131 days Submission to acceptance 65,969 (2020) Download International Journal of Cardiovascular Research is an indexed, peer-reviewed scholarly journal and aims to publish the most complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and.

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Almond Consumption and Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Adv Nutr. 2019 Nov 1;10(6):1076-1088. doi: 10.1093/advances/nmz043. Authors Michelle A Lee-Bravatti 1 , Jifan Wang 1 , Esther E Avendano 2 , Ligaya King 1 , Elizabeth J Johnson 3 , Gowri Raman 2 Affiliations 1 Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition and. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine publishes peer-reviewed research articles across basic, translational, and clinical cardiovascular medicine. Led by an outstanding Editorial Board of international experts, this multidisciplinary open-access journal provides a unique forum that helps scientists and clinicians to disseminate novel discoveries and technologies widely, advance scientific knowledge rapidly, and propose new paradigms and theories. The Journal covers all aspects of.

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  1. International Cardiovascular Research Journal The Official Quarterly Journal of Cardiovascular Research Center, The Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Fatal Cases of COVID-19 in Fars Province, Iran AUTHORS . Mohammad Javad Zibaeenezhad, Mehrab Sayadi, Hamed Bazrafshan, Zahra Daneshvar, Nader Parsa, Navid Farshadi, et al. Accepted Article scheduled for 15 (1) Mar. 2021. 31 Mar.
  2. ed based on the number of citations accumulated in 2019 for.
  3. Impact Factor: 2019: 4.133 The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two preceding years. Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics, 2020) Time to first decision: 2.8 week
  4. Research Gate Impact Facter: 0.35* Journal Impact Factor : 2.4* *2019 Journal Impact Factor was established by dividing the number of articles published in 2017 and 2018 with the number of times they are cited in 2019 based on Google Scholar Citation Index database. If 'X' is the total number of articles published in 2017 and 2018, and 'Y' is the number of times these articles were cited in.
  5. ed based on the number of citations accumulated in 2019 for manuscripts published in 2017 and 2018
  6. Research off-campus without worrying about access issues. Find out about Lean Library here. I am signed in via: Institution. Research off-campus without worrying about access issues. Find out about Lean Library here. With institutional access I can: View or download all content the institution has subscribed to. Society . If you have access to journal via a society or associations, read the.

Impact of the pharmacist-led intervention on the control of medical cardiovascular risk factors for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in general practice: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. Alshehri AA(1)(2), Jalal Z(1), Cheema E(1), Haque MS(3), Jenkins D(4), Yahyouche A(1). Author information: (1)School of Pharmacy, College of Medical and. Impact Factor Calculations IF 2018 = (Citation in 2017 + Citations in 2016)/(Papers Published in 2017+ Papers Published in 2016) Journal Impact Factor List 2020 ID Print-ISSN J. I. Factor Full Journal Title 1 - 0007-9235 - 292.278 - CA-A CANCER JOURNAL FOR CLINICIANS 2 - 0028-4793 - 74.699 - NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICIN Heart is an international peer reviewed journal that keeps cardiologists up to date with important research advances in cardiovascular disease. New scientific developments are highlighted in editorials and put in context with concise review articles. There is one free Editor's Choice article in each issue, with open access options available to authors for all articles. Education in Heart.

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  1. Citation Impact 5.361 - 2-year Impact Factor 5.184 - 5-year Impact Factor 1.743 - Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) 2.934 - SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) Usage 1,215,838 Downloads 1,533 Altmetric Mention
  2. Cardiovascular disease is the costliest disease in the U.S., with direct medical costs of $555 billion in 2016. By 2035, that figure is expected to double to $1.1 trillion. 11 While the prevalence of cardiovascular disease is certainly a major contributor, so, too, is the high use of technology in the field, including imaging and devices
  3. Citation Impact 2.078 - 2-year Impact Factor 2.16 - 5-year Impact Factor 0.918 - Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) 0.794 - SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) Usage 1,258,594 downloads 731 Altmetric mention

ISSN: 2576-1455. Submit Manuscript as an email attachment to the editorial office at [email protected]. Journal of Heart and Cardiovascular Research is a peer reviewed journal that provides a worldwide platform for dispersal of current findings in the field of cardiology, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as cardiomyopathy, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, heart attack. Current Impact Factor of Cardiology Journal (2019) is 1.669. The Journal has been included in the register of journals and proceedings of international conferences published by The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education on 2021 with 100 points awarded Clinical Journals Impact Factors List; Journal Name Journal Impact Factor* Citations Report; Journal of Clinical & Experimental Pathology : 0.50 . 1.57 (5 Yr Journal Impact Factor) Citations Report: International Journal of Ophthalmic Pathology 1.087 : Citations Report: Clinical Research on Foot & Ankle : 2.52 : Citations Report: Neonatal and Pediatric Medicine : 0.8823 : Citations Report. 2019 Journal Impact Factor: 5.69 (Journal Citation Report, Web of Science Group Citation Impact 7.332 - 2-year Impact Factor 5.448 - 5-year Impact Factor 1.750 - Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) 2.172 - SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) Usage 876,481 Downloads 1,285 Altmetric mention

Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine journals have high impact factor in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine open access peer reviewed top journal aims to get good PubMed indexing, Scopus indexing and ESCI indexing. Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine plans to get high impact factor in 2020. In Cardiology PubMed indexed journals Cardiology and Cardiovascular. Research Impact Metrics; Contact us; Top 10 Cardiology journals The top 10 journals by Impact Factor in Cardiology. This list was generated from the 2018 edition of Journal Citation Reports, which provides a combination of impact and influence metrics for over 11,000 journals from 2017 data. European Heart Journal. IF: 23.425. Circulation : Journal of the American Heart Association. IF:18.880.

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International Journal of Cardiovascular Research is an indexed, peer-reviewed scholarly journal and aims to publish the most complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current developments in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc. in all areas of cardiology and making them available online freely without any restrictions. Each year, the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JCPT) is proud to select two Editor's Choice Best Paper Awardees. All manuscripts accepted for publication in JCPT are eligible for consideration, the selection is based on metrics (downloads and citations during the year of publication), and the corresponding author of each winning paper receives a cash award of $1,000 US. Cardiovascular Therapeutics publishes original research and review articles focusing on cardiovascular and clinical pharmacology, as well as clinical trials of novel cardiovascular therapies

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This declaration challenges the role played by the Journal Impact Factor as the main means of evaluating science and promotes the assessment of research on its own merits. This includes the need to: eliminate the use of journal-based metrics, such as Journal Impact Factors; assess research on its own merits rather than on the basis of the journal in which the research is published; capitalize. An aggregate journal impact factor of 1.0 implies that the articles in the subject category published in recent two years have been cited once on an average. The median Impact factor is the median value of all journals impact factors in the subject category. The journal impact factor extenuates the significance of absolute citation frequencies. It alleviates the advantage of large journals.

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Read the latest articles of JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions at ScienceDirect.com, Elsevier's leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literatur Impact Factor 1.415. Bi-Monthly. pISSN 0021-9509. eISSN 1827-191X. Most read articles over the last three weeks. The Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 2018 October;59(5):670-84 Diabetic foot management: multidisciplinary approach for advanced lesion rescue Enrico BROCCO *, Sasa NINKOVIC, Mariagrazia MARIN, Christine WHISSTOCK, Marino BRUSEGHIN, Giovanni BOSCHETTI, Raffaella VITI, William.

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  1. American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease is an open access journal for rapid publication of novel discoveries in clinical and basic research of heart and blood vessel diseases. It will publish original article, review, case report and Letter to Editor
  2. Read the latest articles of JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging at ScienceDirect.com, Elsevier's leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literatur

Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions is an international journal covering the broad field of cardiovascular diseases. Subject material includes basic and clinical information that is derived from or related to invasive and interventional coronary or peripheral vascular techniques. The journal focuses on material that will be of immediate practical value to physicians providing. Selected, structured and complete data in the Web of Science provide rich insights into the contribution and value of the world's most impactful scientific and research journals. London, June 20, 2019: The Web of Science Group™, part of Clarivate Analytics, released the 2019 update to its annual Journal Citation Reports (JCR) today. The 2019 release aggregates the [ New global data analysis highlights the urgency of translating research into practice. Over the last 30 years, deaths and disability from cardiovascular disease have been steadily rising across the globe. In 2019 alone, the condition, which includes heart disease and stroke, was responsible for a staggering one-third of all deaths worldwide. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic. In the early months. Aims and Scope. Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy (Print ISSN: 2223-3652; Online ISSN: 2223-3660; Cardiovasc Diagn Ther; CDT) is an open access, peer-reviewed, international English-language journal, publishing articles related to cardiovascular medicine and surgery. It was launched in December 2011 as a quarterly publication and is now published bi-monthly since February 2014 Web of Science Group highlights the key developments for 2019 as: The journals selected for inclusion: The database is maintained and updated to reflect the ceaseless progression of research and scholarship, allowing researchers to explore new fields and see what earlier research influences and impacts evolving fields

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The journal publishes articles related to research in and the practice of cardiovascular diseases, including observational studies, clinical trials, epidemiology, health services and outcomes studies, and advances in applied (translational) and basic research. Its 2019 impact factor is 23.603, ranking it first among journals in the Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems category The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon. Official Organ of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon publishes articles of the highest standard from internationally recognized thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, physiologists, and pathologists.. Original articles and important meeting announcements.

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  1. Role of Warburg Effect in Cardiovascular Diseases: A Potential Treatment Option The Open Cardiovascular Medicine Journal, 2021, 15: 6-17 Niken Puspa Kuspriyanti, Eko Fuji Ariyanto, Mas Rizky A. A. Syamsunarno [Electronic publication date: 22/03/2021] [Collection year: 2021] [Publisher Id: TOCMJ-15-6] [DOI: 10.2174/1874192402115010006
  2. Prevention of heart attacks and strokes through a total cardiovascular risk approach is more cost-effective than treatment decisions based on individual risk factor thresholds only and should be part of the basic benefits package for pursuing universal health coverage. Achieving this target will require strengthening key health system components, including health-care financing to ensure.
  3. Circulation. Editor(s): Hill, Joseph A. Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) 2019 Journal Impact Factor: 23.6 (Journal Citation Report, Web of Science Group) ISSN: 0009-7322 Register for eToc Alert
  4. SJIF Scientific Journal Impact Factor 2019: International Journal of Current Research, (IJCR) is an international double blinded referred and peer-viewed monthly online academic research journal in all the streams. IJCR encourages new ideas and works in all the fields and it publishes high-quality original papers, theory-based empirical papers, review papers, case reports, conference.

Become a Reviewer Join Editorial Board Special Issue Proposal Propose an eBook About Journal. Journal of Radiology and Clinical Imaging aims to provide information about current developments on radiology, clinical and medical imaging developments in the form of high quality articles and timely reviews developments in the field Objective There is controversy regarding the effect of napping on cardiovascular disease (CVD), with most studies failing to consider napping frequency. We aimed to assess the relationship of napping frequency and average nap duration with fatal and non-fatal CVD events. Methods 3462 subjects of a Swiss population based cohort with no previous history of CVD reported their nap frequency and. That reflects a 17.1% increase over the past decade. There were more than 523.2 million cases of cardiovascular disease in 2019, an increase of 26.6% compared with 2010 Circulation Research (impact factor: 15.862) Advanced Functional Materials (impact factor: 15.621) Diabetes Care (impact factor: 15.270) Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.) (impact factor: 14.971) Surface Science Reports (impact factor: 14.824) Molecular Biology and Evolution (impact factor: 14.797 Participants on a high fiber diet experienced significant improvement in several cardiovascular risk factors, including a 9 percent reduction in serum cholesterol, 23 percent reduction in triglycerides, 15 percent reduction of systolic blood pressure and a 28 percent reduction of fasting glucose. The researchers found a high fiber diet is inversely related with cardiovascular risk factors and plays a protective role against cardiovascular disease

The goal of the NHLBI's Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS) is to identify risk factors for cardiovascular disease related to the onset of coronary heart disease and stroke in adults age 65 or older. CHS investigators found that a large amount of plaque buildup can occur before symptoms of coronary heart disease appear, demonstrating the importance of identifying the earliest stages of the disease process Hazard ratios for cardiovascular disease were derived from Cox models, after controlling for multiple confounders. Results During up to 27 years of follow-up, the crude incidence rate of any cardiovascular disease was 10.5, 8.4, and 6.9 per 1000 person years among exposed patients, their unaffected full siblings, and the matched unexposed individuals, respectively. In sibling based comparisons, the hazard ratio for any cardiovascular disease was 1.64 (95% confidence interval 1.45. Citation Impact 2.043 - 2-year Impact Factor 2.113 - 5-year Impact Factor 1.070 - Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) 0.766 - SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) Usage 324,964 Downloads 117 Altmetric Mention

Title: Journal of Current Research in Food Science: ISSN: Online ISSN : 2709-9385, Print ISSN : 2709-9377: Impact Factor (2020) RJIF 5.2 2019 impact factor 20.507* (Clarivate Analytics, 2020) About the cover. Buddha or evil, depends on a blinding flash. Neddylation can switch PTEN from a tumor suppressor (Buddha) to a tumor promoter (evil). See page 291-311 by Ping Xie et al. for details

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  1. Recommendations are made for management of major cardiovascular risk factors through changes in lifestyle and prophylactic drug therapies. The guidelines provide a framework for the development of national guidance on prevention of cardiovascular disease that takes into account the particular political, economic, social and medical circumstances. a World Health Organization. Prevention of.
  2. Top 20% Cardiac & Cardiovascular systems 0.068 Eigenfactor* 2019 6th /138 in CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS * The Eigenfactor score is a rating of the total importance of a scientific journal: citations from highly ranked journals make a larger contribution to the Eigenfactor than those from poorly ranked journals
  3. The term cardiology is derived from the Greek words cardia, which refers to the heart and logy meaning study of. Cardiology is a branch of medicine that concerns diseases and disorders of the heart. Cardiovascular Medicine is concerned with the study of those medicines that help in prevention, detection, management and treatment of.
  4. The impact factor (IF) 2018 of Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research is 1.98, which is computed in 2019 as per it's definition. Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research IF is increased by a factor of 0.98 and approximate percentage change is 98% when compared to preceding year 2017, which shows a rising trend
  5. Isabelle Johansson is a Research Fellow at PHRI, supervised by Salim Yusuf, and McMaster University where she is pursuing a Masters in Health Research Methodology, clinical epidemiology. Her main research interests are in heart failure, diabetes, global health, and cardiovascular disease prevention. At PHRI, she is an Investigator in the G-CHF-study and the PURE study. Isabelle was in the 2019 cohort of the World Heart Federation Salim Yusuf Emerging Leaders Programme, focusing on reducing.
  6. The journal is abstracted and indexed in Current Contents, EMBASE, MEDLINE, Science Citation Index, and Scopus. According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2019 impact factor of 20.589, ranking it third out of 136 journals in the category Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems
Clinical & Translational Immunology | Australian and NewMolecular therapy for cardiac dysfunction: CanagliflozinFrontiers | Adaptive Immune Responses Contribute to PostPhysical activity environment and obesity risk – new researchGet Personal Access to Journal of Vascular Surgery - 0741-5214

Impact Factor: 0.25: Scimago Journal Rank (SJR) 123: SJR Total Cites: 15: Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) 0.144: h-index (2019) 8: PubMed NLM ID: 10148499: Google Scholar h5 index: 6: Iindex Copernicus Value: 105.5 Address reprint requests to Dr. Wang at the Vanderbilt Translational and Clinical Cardiovascular Research Center, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, 2220. In addition, a 2019 study led by Kassandra Alcaraz, PhD, MPH, a public health researcher with the American Cancer Society, analyzed data from more than 580,000 adults and found that social isolation increases the risk of premature death from every cause for every race (American Journal of Epidemiology, Vol. 188, No. 1, 2019). According to Alcaraz, among black participants, social isolation doubled the risk of early death, while it increased the risk among white participants by 60 to 84 percent In June 2020, JMIR mHealth and uHealth received its 2019 Impact Factor of 4.313 (5 Year Impact Factor: 5.323) from Clarivate Web of Science, ranking it along with our flagship journal, Journal of Internet Medical Research in Q1 in the Medical Informatics discipline.. Related: What is an Impact Factor? What is impact factor misuse? What is the impact factor of your sister journal XY? Can I use. Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents in Medicinal Chemistry aims to cover all the latest and outstanding developments in medicinal chemistry and rational drug design for the discovery of new Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents. Each issue contains a series of timely in-depth reviews, original research articles and drug clinical trial studies written by leaders in the field covering a range of current topics in Cardiovascular & Hematological medicinal chemistry Peer review in Cardiovascular Diabetology is designed to ensure that the research published is 'good science'. The journal considers manuscripts spanning a wide range of scientific interests, as long as the results and conclusions are scientifically justified and not misleading. In deciding whether to accept or reject a manuscript, a reviewer asks him/herself whether the scientific community is better served by publishing or not publishing the manuscript. The suitability of a research.

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