npm install--save-dev @11ty/eleventy. Installing locally is preferred to global installation. Step 3 Run Eleventy # We can use npx to run our local project version's version of Eleventy. Let's make sure our installation went okay and try to run Eleventy: npx @11ty/eleventy Processed 0 files in 0.03 seconds (v0.12.1) Make sure that you see (v0.12.1) in your output. This lets you know you. Eleventy (11ty) is a simple to use, powerful static site generator that is capable of mixing template languages. Content can be written with Markdown or one of the other ten template languages. Or, dynamically create pages from local data or external sources that are compiled at build time Support 11ty on Open Collective; 11ty on npm; 11ty on GitHub; Continuous Integration: GitHub Actions; Installation npm install @11ty/eleventy --save-dev Read our Getting Started guide. Tests npm run test We use the ava JavaScript test runner (Assertions documentation) ℹ️ To keep tests fast, thou shalt try to avoid writing files in tests

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Put bluntly, 11ty is a simple static site generator written in JavaScript. How does this little wonder work? Simply by transforming a directory of templates of varying types into HTML. Eleventy doesn't take the words varying types lightly—one of its main features is its templating system's flexibility 11ty is a static site generator (SSG) written in JavaScript. Unlike other JavaScript web frameworks like Gatsby or NuxtJS, 11ty doesn't come bundled with a front-end library. 11ty is more like a traditional SSG (such as Hugo or Jekyll) where it takes a series of templates, markdown files, and data and renders HTML files to serve Eleventy (or 11ty) is a Node.js static site generator (SSG). SSGs do most rendering work at build time to create a set of static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. The resulting pages need not have.. 11ty is a little more conservative with that which is probably a good thing. Liquid files do not compile their content as Markdown, which means everything needs to be authored as HTML in them. That can be a little cumbersome, especially when there are a lot of links within paragraphs, since they are way more convenient to author in Markdown. To work around the problem, I decided to use the. eleventy-plugin-images-responsiver is a simple solution for most responsive images needs with Eleventy. Responsive Images are difficult to implement, but they're required to provide a good performance to Web users

First off, when serving an 11ty website you would normally use npx eleventy --serve, however instead we're going to use npx eleventy --watch. This will give us all the live building of your 11ty site, but without a server. For our server, this is where @web/dev-server will come in, which can be run like so Eleventy is a simple static site generator based on JavaScript. The great thing about Eleventy is that it is zero-config by default but can also be run with. We set out to build a starter project template for 11ty that has TailwindCSS and Alpine.js baked in. Version 1.0.0 morphed into a fully-configurable text-based CMS for managing small websites with easy-to-manage configuration files in the /src/_data directory. START HERE: The Blog Posts cover the main features of the system

One of the best things about the 11ty ecosystem is its curated collection of starter projects, these range from simple to very complex, for example by incorporating performance optimizations Sometimes, 11ty takes too much time to build (especially on the task of optimizing images. On my site, it takes almost 10 minutes). You shouldn't use branch master to build you site because every time you make a push, Netlify will rebuild your whole site. You should create and use a new branch, so-called prod instead

Getting Started Eleventy, a simpler static site generator

  1. 11ty is a tool in the Static Site Generators category of a tech stack. 11ty is an open source tool with 8.8K GitHub stars and 248 GitHub forks. Here's a link to 11ty 's open source repository on GitHu
  2. 11ty can do more. This isn't everything 11ty is capable of. In addition to the features we covered here, 11ty also has data filters, plugins, shortcodes, and advanced configuration options to customize it to your needs. You can see everything 11ty is capable of in the 11ty docs
  3. $ npm install --save-dev @11ty/eleventy. Running Eleventy. That's all. Eleventy is installed and ready to run. Give it a try and start Eleventy by using the npx command in the following way: $ npx @11/eleventy You'll see a result similar to the following output: As we've not created any additional files in the project folder the output is telling you that 0 files have been generated. You.
  4. Eleventy (11ty) is a powerful yet simple static site generator. It focuses on producing HTML, which reduces complexity and improves performance. Taking a look at the 11ty leaderboard — over half of the sites submitted have received a perfect score in Lighthouse for either performance or accessibility
  5. npm install --save-dev @11ty/eleventy tailwindcss postcss-cli autoprefixer. We need to create a page to test whether we've successfully set things up. In a real use case, our pages will use templates, so we'll do that here as well. That's where Nunjucks fits into the mix, serving as a templating engine
  6. s with my egghead video course and see how to add a blog and custom data. Add auto-generated social media images by following my tutorial. Explore advanced setup of custom data through my tutorial on building a community site. For a full-featured starter check out my 11ty Netlify.
  7. The frontend is built with 11ty. This sets up your frontend. cd frontend yarn install Then run yarn serve to start your frontend server

Building a site that has images requires to optimize them to avoid any content shifting and deliver a good user experience. To achieve that you have to compress, resize, and convert formats for your images. In this article we will take a look for how to automate your images in eleventy static site generated website using eleventy-img, and sharp 11st-Starter-Kit is a minimal starting point for building static websites with 11ty, powered by Snowpack with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js Eleventy, (also written as 11ty) - tagged the simpler static site generator is anti-framework and does exactly what it says it does; generate static sites. Static sites are slowly becoming the standard for deploying content driven web applications

We are gonna be using Vercel to deploy our 11ty site that we are gonna be creating. In this post, we will explain you how to setup an 11ty website, setting up a contact form on the site using the form endpoint of Getform. If you don't know where to get started to create an 11ty website, you can check out the 11ty quickstart here Manage your 11ty application content with a powerful headless CMS. The easiest way to manage your content. Strapi enables content-rich experiences to be created, managed and exposed to any digital product, channel or device. Strapi is powered by a modern technology stack using Node.js - it's fast. Really fast. Unlike other static site generators like Gatsby or NuxtJS, 11ty doesn't come.

My Eleventy (11ty) project I recently discovered 11ty and used the static site generator to build a business website. I like that 11ty allows working with different templates and mixing them too. In this site I used Nunjucks, Markdown and Sass. Now, 11ty doesn't have Sass pre-processing built-in. So I had to find my own way. Turning scss into cs Turning manu.ninja up to 11ty. Apr 19, 2020 · 6 Minutes / 1,578 Words. I recently migrated manu.ninja to Eleventy. Never have I ever had such a pleasant experience with a static site generator, and I've tried many of them. This is why I want to share five snippets from my setup that might be useful for your own Eleventy projects. Eleventy's goal is to be a simpler static site generator, a. This dist folder should contain your 11ty-generated files + static files. npx snowpack build Again, I used an npm script. I set this to build. scripts: { build: snowpack build } JavaScript. Snowpack lets you import packages from npm out of the box. Here, you need to make sure you save your package as a dependency. For example, let's install a canvas-confetti package that creates. In this video, we'll cover creating collections in 11ty. We'll use these collections to create templates for our Services and Testimonials sections.Theme Fil..

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Gründen Sie Ihre eigene Limited in UK oder Irland und US Firma, inkl. Bankkonto The sample uses the default 11ty port, so you can simply rename the file to .env if you haven't changed the port. The URL value is then available via the global data described previously, and can be used in templates with meta.url. You can see this used for the RSS feed and sitemap as well as meta tag links to the social share preview images to create the absolute URLs. Template Languages Used. Eleventy (aka 11ty) is rising in the ranks among static site generators. This Node-based builder is attractive due to its zero-config starting point, purely static output, and ease of achieving the coveted top Lighthouse performance score of four perfect 100s. Let's dive into what else makes it unique, and learn about some essential concepts to help you successfully get started Each project is unique, and developers can customize 11ty to solve a plethora of problems. As mentioned previously, LiquidJS only supports a subset of Liquid syntax. That's ok since 11ty allows anyone to extend the processing engine with custom filters

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Generate a repo from this template which will copy this project into your own new repo. Once cloned, run npm install to install 11ty and other dependencies. Then run npm start to run both 11ty and node-sass in watch mode. Use npm run build to run a production version, which will also generate social share preview images 11ty Starter with Multi-language support, SEO-friendly, GitHub/GitLab Github Live Demo. Eleventy Starter Boilerplate. 126. Dec 31, 2020 Eleventy Starter Boilerplate is production-ready with SEO-friendly Github Live Demo. Dark Porfolio Theme for 11ty. 9. Mar 23, 2020. This is a port of the Dark Portfolio Template by W3C to 11ty! Github Live Demo. 11tyFrame. 6. May 14, 2020. A light. There's a ton of great Eleventy starter kits out there but they're pretty opinionated about their features and dependencies. 11ty.recipes helps you build an Eleventy site from scratch, showing you how to add individual features to craft the exact site you need That said, 11ty is designed to be template agnostic so you could use Mustache, Handlebars, Nunjucks or other languages you may know, see a full list in the docs. I like this approach of being agnostic on the template language and allowing you to use what you know. Part 1 - Building the Site Structure . Let's get started First things first, I created my project folder, opened it in the. By default, 11ty will not output this folder into its _site. In order to have 11ty copy the css folder through to the _site output folder, you'll need to add what's called a pass through in your 11ty configuration file. First in your project folder, at the root make sure you've got a file called.eleventy.js

Eleventy is a static site generator offering a simple way to manage your templates and build your site. It works great together with AMP if you want to make your static site more interactive or need to embed third-party content Climbing the 11ty Performance leaderboard with Cloudinary, critical CSS and more March 25, 2020. development; JAMstack; 11ty; CSS; A few weeks ago, Zach Leatherman announced that he was going to change the Built with 11ty section 11ty's documentation. He was going to create a performance leaderboard to showcase performant projects using the tool 11ty is an open source tool with 8.8K GitHub stars and 248 GitHub forks. Here's a link to 11ty's open source repository on GitHub. Top Alternatives to 11ty. Hugo. Hugo is a static site generator written in Go. It is optimized for speed, easy use and configurability. Hugo takes a directory with content and templates and renders them into a full html website. Hugo makes use of markdown files.

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And then to run 11ty, I'm gonna add a script for if. But we could do it out of whatever. So, let's build. And all I need to do is just run 11ty, like this? Bryan: If you're going to build it, it's 11ty, if you're going to serve it and watch it, it's 11ty, dash, dash.serve. Jason: Let's go both and call this one Dev Using Nunjucks 'If Expressions' in 11ty to create a simple active navigation state May 6, 2020. development; JAMstack; 11ty; Creating active states in your navigation is important for guiding a user through your site. It gives them a sense of place and let's them know how to navigate from page to page. Setting active states in your templates. Eleventy is a more flexible alternative Jekyll. Besides being written in Node, it's less strict about how to organise files and, in addition to Liquid, supports other templating languages like EJS, Pug, Handlebars and Nunjucks. Best of all, its build times are significantly faster (with future optimisations promising further gains) In 11ty you will eventually work with collections, which are what they say on the tin — collections of items, be it blog posts, tags, or whatever. In my case, I have a posts directory that contains all the markdown files representing posts for the blog. 11ty is smart enough to aggregate everything I've tagged with posts and then I can call for those when showing a post list Getting Started with .11ty.js, Part IV: Installing Node.js and Eleventy. Learn about what Node.js is and how to finish installing .11ty.js and its dependencies. April 14, 2020 Getting Started with .11ty.js, Part III: An Introduction to Git. Learn about what Git is and how to install a personal copy of .11ty.js on your computer.

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Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Fortunately, 11ty allows us to post-process HTML with transforms. They are very handy to, well, transform a template's output, such as minifying the resulting HTML for instance. Here, we want a transform that will: Find emojis in the HTML, Find the associated English name for these emojis, Wrap them in a span with the proper attributes My Eleventy + SCSS/SASS Setup. This week's train project has been to convert this site from Gatsby to Eleventy (11ty).Gatsby still has a place in my toolkit but for this site I've found 11ty has the flexibility to quickly and simply shape pages in unique ways

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Building the overview page for the articles was not much more than following the instructions in the 11ty documentation on paginations. You might find the sections Paging a Collection and Remapping with permalinks useful. Here's the front matter of the overview template, where pagination and permalink are the interesting parts Hylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit with Netlify CMS pre-configured, so that you can one-click install a progressive, accessible blog in minutes. It also gives you a well organised starting point to extend yourself. It's by Andy Bell and friends.. Get started now by deploying Hylia to Netlify 11ty.dev. https://www.11ty.dev/ https://www.11ty.dev/docs/ The website and documentation for the Eleventy static site generator.. Running Locally npm install npx. I used 11ty to build the site. 11ty is almost fascinatingly simple. It looks in one directory for what it needs to process or move to another directory. It supports my favorite templating system out of the box: Nunjucks. Plus front matter Markdown like I mentioned above. I was able to essentially design a card that displays the data we get from the Markdown files, and then build the homepage. 11st-Starter-Kit is a minimal starting point for building static websites with 11ty, powered by Snowpack with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js

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I'm excited to announce the beta-release of eleventy-high-performance-blog-a high-performance blog template for 11ty based on this very website. The template itself is based on the awesome eleventy-base-blog adding features centered around performance, accessibility and some SEO.. Sites based on this template achieve 100 points on Lighthouse in the categories Performance, Accessibility, Best. Since 11ty is a JavaScript static site generator, we can install it via NPM. npm install --save @11ty/eleventy. From that installation, we can run eleventy or eleventy --serve in our project to get up and running. Netlify Dev will often detect 11ty as a requirement and run the command for us

Deploying an 11ty Site to GitHub Pages. I am building a new personal site. The idea behind it is pretty simple: it's a blog that will have a total of 50 pages added to it over 5 years. Not much content and not much complexity. I debated about just coding the entire site by hand, each and every page. But this seemed like an opportunity to try a static site generator. The last static site. 11ty Starter with Multi-language support, SEO-friendly, GitHub/GitLab Github Live Demo. Commerce.js Next.js Demo Store. 722. Feb 19, 2021. A commerce storefront example built using Next.js and Commerce.js with Github Live Demo. jekyll Podcaster. 20. Nov 8, 2020. Podcaster is a dynamic Jekyll theme built for... Podcasters! Github Live Demo Create Site. Bay. 36. Dec 21, 2020. Bay is a.

Shoppen Eleventy '11TY' Intarsien-Pullove A highly configurable 11ty template to quickly spin up a fully functional website with TailwindCSS and Alpine.js baked in Eleventy (11ty), which is quickly becoming my static site generator of choice, can handle both approaches fairly elegantly and with a minimal amount of efforts. Querying a GraphQL API and using the returned data to generate static pages is actually a straightforward and simple process. Who knew? DatoCMS is a headless CMS I have recommended to clients in the past. Pricing and options are fair. Created with ♥ and 11ty. Hosted at Netlify. Der Podcast Ready for Review wird unter der Lizenz Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) veröffentlicht. All emojis designed by OpenMoji - the open-source emoji and icon project. License: CC BY-SA 4.0. @sandraparsick · @danielmies · Datenschutz · Impressum. Version 1.5. 11ty -1 points 0 points 1 point 2 years ago Bitcoin is not for storing your coffee purchases, or so I've been repeatedly told for the last couple of years. Maybe if they use LN it could fly, but LN is a dead end for merchant adoption at this time

NetlifyCMS & 11ty a Story Told in Three Acts. Our CTO Thom Krupa had a live-coding session with 11ty and Netlify CMS at 2nd Jamstack Wrocław Meetup. By Thom Krupa April 24, 2019. Holding a talk at the #2 Jamstack meetup in Wrocław, was really challenging. We had a knowledgeable public so no general-cutting-corners-gibberish talk would work there. Plus I'd had to match whatever Martin. 11ty.anime's_502 (@11ty.master) on TikTok | 210 Likes. 27 Fans. Watch the latest video from 11ty.anime's_502 (@11ty.master) Unlike other SSGs, 11ty doesn't depend on any frameworks or dictate specific templating formats. Getting Contentful to provide data, rich-text support and site structure took me about 20 minutes without anything more than the standard Contentful Javascript SDK. Head over to the repo if you'd like to see it in action. I wanted to share what I learned about configuring GitHub Actions to run. We will be using the 11ty Layouts feature. A Layout is a reusable piece. As you know, we need to set the SEO (meta tags) and Google Analytics on every page. As a lazy developer, we don't want to copy-paste the same code every time. Layout can help with that. _includes is the default layout directory (customizable). Let's create our first layout

Getting started with 11ty. I had never built a site using 11ty before this. To be quite honest, I don't recall using a static site generator at all before this (except Nuxt but I usually use a server with that). The docs for it are alright and with open source projects such as Andy's Hylia, I was able to quite quickly get up and running.. When I started building it I realised I had not yet. GP-Softwaretechnik. Seit mehr als 20 Jahren bin ich in den Bereichen Informationstechnologie, EDV-Schulung und Programmierung tätig. Und jetzt kann man mich auch als selbständigen Softwaretechniker und IT-Berater buchen.. Ich mag es gerne unkompliziert

Ajk 11ty live a ashbo saree niye apura sobai thek Im Loetstelle-Forum wurde von passat2001 gefragt, ob man eine einfache analoge Schaltung auch so umsetzen könne, dass man diese später über einen Computer anpassen/programmieren kann.Es hat sich einfach so ergeben. :-) Irgendwie ist aus dieser Frage ein kleiner Kurs geworden, der die AVR Mikrocontroller und deren Programmierung mit Bascom erklären soll 11ty Starter Project overview Project overview Details; Activity; Releases; Repository Repository Files Commits Branches Tags Contributors Graph Compare Locked Files Issues 0 Issues 0 List Boards Labels Service Desk Milestones Iterations Merge Requests 0 Merge Requests 0 Requirements Requirements; List; CI/CD CI/CD Pipelines Jobs Schedules Test Cases Operations Operations Incidents. Eleventy dresses every person who aspires to self-improvement with tailored and responsible Italian elegance. Discover the Man and Woman collections

Start from a blank project and build up to an Eleventy site that includes a blog collection and is prepared to source content from a headless CMS. You'll also learn how to add Sass as the styling solution, complete with triggering 11ty to re-compile when the Sass changes. These lessons will help explain key 11ty features and concepts to help you make the most of this amazing static site generator Smol 11ty Starter Extremely minimal Eleventy starter to kickstart a simple multi-page site / a nearly opinionless foundation to continue building on. Created by Stephanie Eckles - @5t3ph - author of 11ty.Rocks, ModernCSS.dev, and SmolCSS.dev. Quick Start. Generate a repo from this template which will copy this project into your own new repo I am writing about my experiences as a naval navel-gazer

Filters in Eleventy (11ty) are a way to mutate data including string variables or arrays such as collections. Learn to create a filter for use on a collection which will select a random item from the collection Created with ♥ and 11ty. Hosted at Netlify. Der Podcast Herr Mies will's wissen wird unter der Lizenz Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike veröffentlicht. @herrmies · @danielmies · Datenschutz · Impressum. Version 3.18. Notbeleuchtung - Planungshilfen- und tools. Produktinformationen zum downloaden. News und Referenzen. Leuchten und Notbeleuchtungsanlagen

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11ty Lighthouse 5.6 -> 6.0 Scoring. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets 11ty also has addFilter which provides a unified method for creating filters that will be available no matter which template engine is used. Filters permalink. Filters take a single input on the left, modify this inline and return a single value. They are good for modifying a single piece of data in some way. For example, in a markdown file I can use the upcase filter in liquid to modify the.

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We and third parties use cookies or similar technologies (Cookies) as described below to collect and process personal data, such as your IP address or browser information. You Informationen zum Corona-Zentrum an der Universität Zürich. Wir unterstützen die Gesundheitsdirektion des Kantons Zürich, indem wir unsere Erfahrung als erstes Impfzentrum im Kanton Zürich mit anderen Gesundheitseinrichtungen und -organisationen teilen Tech is always political. The way data is collected and handled is often biased, and many products are neither accessible nor inclusive. Ethical Design Guide is made to share resources on how to create ethical products that don't cause harm

view source code. share to twitter. become a patro A simpler static site generator. Are you ready for blast-off into the Jamspace? Check out Jamstack Explorers 11ty Collections Tags Scheme. I use 11ty's collections tags to organise my blog content. In each blog post's front matter, I assign values to the tags key. All blog entries have a tags key of post, and I break out posts into three different letterbox tags: article, note, and card.. articles are letters to the world about code, work, or the ultimate question of lif How to build an index from an 11ty collection and add client-side search with elasticlunr. Create a Sitemap.xml with Eleventy. 6th February 2020 Add an XML sitemap to your 11ty website with a few lines of nunjucks. My Eleventy + SCSS/SASS Setup. 30th January 2020 My simple configuration when working with SCSS/SASS in an Eleventy (11ty. We love the Jamstack, GatsbyJS, NextJS, 11ty. We primarily work with React and Headless CMS tools, we're happy working on Wordpress too. Mobile Apps Cross Platform apps are here, and they're great. Flutter, Android, iOS, we began as a mobile app agency, it's what we know. We've found that Flutter can provide an incredible user experience, and simplifies development. Research & Design We.

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Tailwind CSS examples from components by the community. Tailwind chart, grids, inputs, forms, templates and much mor JuKa. 36 likes. JUGADOR COMPETITIVO COD MOBILE. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page

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Mictronics - Personal blog about electronic projects, antennas, RF and other stuff Collected notes as a CMS. Today I thought how hard could it be to set up collected notes as a CMS, spoilers alert: really easy. To set it up I used eleventy or 11ty for the first time and it blew me away, it just works!. As the docs say, the setup is really easy, this was how I set it up So in this post, we will learn how to implement multi step form in vueJs. If you want to learn multi step form in Jquery read this below post How to: add Twitter and Instagram Embeds on an Eleventy website using Sanity. In this post, we will walk through the Sanity setup and the Eleventy configuration that makes Twitter and Instagram embeds possible and really simple to use for editor

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